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Guadete! & Fire Dance of Luna Instructions

Fire Dance of Luna & Guadete—At times, the vocal part will divide two ways.  For Audition Purposes—TAKE THE UPPER NOTE (A-Part). The B-Part will be addressed by students who earn placement in the 2019 All-State Honor Choirs.


Fire Dance of Luna (5-Part Split)

  • Measure 5-10 UNISON
  • Measure 11-42 SSA
  • Measure 43-50 UNISON
  • Measure 51-56 S1, S2, A1A, A1B, A2
  • Measure 57-70 S1A, S1B, S2, A1A, A1B, A2
  • Measure 71-End S1, S2, A1, A2