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Glenn Wootton



7th Grade English

Ms. Gordon & Mr. Wootton


Summer is DONE!!

All the parents say “WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!”

Every week, students and parents will find EVERYTHING they need . . . right here.

or on Office 365.

Your student will . . . WILL . . . know how to find and do any and all work that will ever need to be done.

And parents, you will have access to it all.

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7th Grade Regular & PreAP Syllabus

We will be having a great year. Please, please, please contact me anytime for any reason.

Just click over there


under the calander and shoot me an email.  



Glenn Wootton

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Glenn Wootton


August 20-22

Simple Sentences/Clauses/Phrases 

Elements of Narrative


August 23

Sentences/Clauses/Phrases Quiz

Elements of Narrative Quiz