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Glenn Wootton



7th Grade English

Ms. Gordon & Mr. Wootton


Week 36

Study Guide for Anne Frank/Semester Test is available in Week 36.


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All students DO KNOW all the information they need is HERE on our site!

And they KNOW (yes they do) how to access their Office 365 accounts. 

And they KNOW how to get their make-up work. 


Thanks for all that you do. smiley


Below is a clickable link to the 7th Grade English Syllabus. It’s a fairly detailed outline of expectations AND what we’ll be doing week by week. 


7th Grade English Syllabus 

Meet the Teacher  




Glenn Wootton

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Glenn Wootton


Thurs. May 23

Your, You’re, Its, It’s Quiz

Anne Frank Act 2 Scenes 3-5 Vocab Quiz

Anne Frank Act 2 Scenes 3-5  Quiz

Fri. May 24

Anne Frank Full Play Test



Mon.-Wed. May 20-22

Anne Frank Act 2 Scenes 1-5 Reading and GRQs