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Mrs. Laigaie

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7th Social Studies


Greetings! I am new to Magnolia, and so excited to be teaching your students this year. We moved here three years ago, and I’ve been loving this most beautiful part of our state. In addition to the information available on this website, HAC will also have the next week’s assignments. Most useful on this page will be the calendar, which notes upcoming homework. Quiz dates will be here, as students should be working on study guides at home. Any long-term projects will also be included, along with their weekly Current Events Fridays assignment, and any other work that must be done at home (at least in part).

The fall semester we’re learning Geography, and spring semester is Arkansas History. If your student transfers from Boyd to me or me to Boyd, you'll find that we're teaching on an opposite schedule. Everybody will still end up getting both classes by the end of the year.

If your student has missed one class, have the student ask me for their makeup work when they return. If they’ve been absent for several days, or will be absent for several days in a row, please contact me by email or by calling the school so that I can put together a makeup work packet to help them get caught up!

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