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Carter, Gwen Principal
Alphin, Jeff Assistant Principal
Sellers, Harvey Assistant Principal

Atkinson, Michele English
Bailey, Candi HPE/Coach
Beeson, Bobby HPE/Coach
Bolding, Kay Special Education
Brasher, Bill HPE/Coach
Brown, Cherie Science
Browning, Brandy Science
Bryan, Monique Mathematics
Carlew, Linda English
Chastain, Donna Mathematics
Clark, Jason Social Studies/Coach
Coburn, Russell Band
Coleman, Judy Business
Crank, Shane Social Studies
Crawford, Jana Social Studies
Fallin, Tiffany Career Orientation
Franks, Betty Business
Gore, Jessi Special Education
Haley, Crystal Science
Hardin, Scott Oral Communications/ALE
Hardy, Tina Media Specialist
Harrell, Cindy Social Studies
Jean, Vickie OCS Director
Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Mathematics
Lee, Joni Reading
Lindsey, Sonja Computer Technology
Long, Dyun HPE/Coach
Long, Katherine Mathematics
Lynch, Chris HPE/Coach
Maggio, Peter Band
Mancil, Jared English
Marchan, Linda Title I Reading
Matthews, Melissa English
Merrell, Gaye English/French
Miller, Amy Art
Miller, Brett Science/HPE/Coach
Neill, Debbie Special Education
Powell, Merina HPE/Coach
Ribble, Kelly Counselor
Rich, John Social Studies/Coach
Rowe, Valerie Band
Sisson, David Science/Coach
Walker, Amy Social Studies
Waller, Roxie Special Education
Watson, Thomas Mathematics
Witcher, Earsaline Special Education at SAYS
Wootton, Glenn English
Yates, Tammy Science

Bates, William Juvenile Liaison Officer
Boggan, David ISS Aide
Hill, LaTia Special Education Aide
Huntley, Stephanie OCS Aide
Jackson, Vevelyn Aide
Johnson, Judy Receptionist
Rich, Janet Secretary to Counselors
Scott, Robin Special Education Aide
Torrence, Betty Attendance Secretary
Tullis, Conieveral Math Computer Lab Aide
Walters, Carolyn Secretary to Asst. Principals
White, Jennifer Secretary to Principal