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The Arkansas Secretary of State's Office presents an annual "Sounds of the Season" showcase in the capitol rotunda during December to showcase choral groups (elementary, middle school/junior high, and high school) from across the four corners of the state.  After the performance, groups complete a State Treasury tour. Magnolia Jr. High School was represented by the Advanced Women and Men’s Choirs.  The video of the performance can be seen on the Magnolia School District Facebook Page.  The choirs and Mr. Dunn represented Magnolia very well.  Great job!

MJHS Choirs

Pictured are Representative Bruce Westerman, Superintendent John Ward, Advanced Men’s Choir, Advanced Women’s Choir and director Larry Dunn.

Merry Christmas!


Magnolia Jr. High eighth grader, Shkwonya Hampton, placed second at the Special Olympics State Bowling Tournament! Congratulations to Shkwonya!

Shkwonya Hampton

The following MJHS students auditioned and earned a spot in the All Region bands on  Saturday, December 2. Thirty-seven students placed in the bands, ten students made alternate. Five students: Drew Mickey, Leila Dadgar, Aaliyah Willingham, Chris Dai, and Jeremiah Hughes, placed as FIRST BAND, FIRST CHAIR on their respective instruments. 


Congratulations to the following Jr High Band Students:

1st Band 1st Chair     Oboe              Drew Mickey

1st Band 1st Chair     Bassoon        Leila Dadgar

2nd Band 1st Chair    Bassoon           Emily Kelley

1st Band 2nd Chair        Flute                 EmmiGrace Miller

1st Band 11th Chair        Flute               Alexis Lewis

2nd Band 7th Chair        Flute                 Gigi Sorcia

1st Alternate                   Flute                 Sierra Putney

1st Band 9th Chair          Clarinet             Zaria Whitaker

1st Band 15th Chair         Clarinet            Taryn Franks

1st Band 22nd Chair         Clarinet           Tylaa Beraud

2nd Band 2nd Chair          Clarinet           Ally McWilliams

2nd Band 22nd Chair         Clarinet          Charmaine French

3rd Alternate                     Clarinet            Everleigh Johnson

5th Alternate                     Clarinet            Tristan Jones

2nd Band  1st Chair          Bass Clarinet     Hannah McWilliams

2nd Alternate                   Bass Clarinet      Makayla Bradford

1st Band 1st Chair      Contrabass Clarinet    Aaliyah Willingham

1st Band 1st Chair       Alto Sax            Chris Dai

1st Band 2nd Chair        Alto Sax             Sam Trout

1st Band 6th Chair        Alto Sax               Liz Wilson

1st Alternate                 Alto Sax               Ashlyn Middleton

1st Alternate                 Tenor Sax            Kade Kuykendall

2nd Band 1st Chair       Trumpet                Cage Arnold

2nd Band 3rd Chair       Trumpet                Seth Edwards

2nd Band 5th Chair         Trumpet               Zach Heathman

3rd Alternate                   Trumpet                Zander Taylor

1st Band 3rd Chair          French Horn        Rory Lowther

1st Band 4th Chair          French Horn         Austin Watson

1st Band 7th Chair          Trombone              Kera Middleton

1st Band 3rd Chair             Baritone                  Hector Priche

1st Band 5th Chair             Baritone                    Seth McKamie

2nd Band 5th Chair            Baritone                    Lindsey Cornwell

2nd Band 2nd Chair            Tuba                         Jase Carter

2nd Band 5th Chair             Tuba                         Drillen Owen

2nd Band 7th Chair              Tuba                         Jesus Gonzalez

2nd Band 8th Chair             Tuba                          Malachi Copeland

1st Alternate                        Tuba                          Will Gwinn

3rd Alternate                        Tuba                           Alex Cadena

!st Band 1st Chair                Percussion                  Jeremiah Huges

1st Band 2nd Chair               Percussion                 Hunter O’Dell

1st Band 3rd Chair                 Percussion                Harrison McWilliams

1st Band 6th Chair                 Percussion                 Cade Key

1st Band 7th Chair                 Percussion                  Rushang Patel

1st Band 11th Chair                Percussion                  Paxton Pace

1st Band 12th Chair                Percussion                  Will Griffeth

2nd Band 1st Chair                  Percussion                   Nate Gore

1st Alternate                           Percussion                    Kate Slayton-Bunner

3rd Alternate                          Percussion                     Da’Qwhan Moss



On December 2nd the MJHS Cub-botics team competed at the VEX IQ New Team invitational hosted by UALR.

There were twenty-two attending teams. MJHS played five matches and scored 107 points to place sixth in the Qualification round.

 MJHS went on to play a final match and scored twenty-four points in the final round placing seventh out of  eleven finalist teams. 

MJHS Cub-botics also claimed the Judges Award and brought home a trophy! 


 Pictured Left to Right:

Jackson Doherty, Chloe Lister, Tanner Edwards, Maria Lopez, and Thomas Campos

2017 Fall Semester Test Schedule


Testing periods are in BOLD


Wednesday – December 20

Breakfast room    7:30-8:25

1st Period              8:30-9:50

Break                   9:50-9:55

2nd Period             10:05-11:25

7th Period Study Hall – 11:25-11:55 – 8th LUNCH

7th Period Study Hall – 12:00-12:30 – 7th LUNCH

7th Period Study Hall - 12:35-1:05 – 9th LUNCH

3rd Period             1:10-2:30



Thursday – December 21

Breakfast room     7:30-8:25

4th Period             8:30-9:50

Break                   9:50-10:00

5th Period             10:05-11:25

7th Period Study Hall – 11:25-11:55 – 8th LUNCH

7th Period Study Hall – 12:00-12:30 – 7th LUNCH

7th Period Study Hall – 12:35-1:05 –  9th LUNCH

6th Period             1:10-2:30



Friday – December 22

Breakfast room     7:30-8:25

7th Period             8:30-9:50




MJHS 2017-18 Yearbooks are now available to pre-order.  Yearbooks are $20 or $25 with the student’s name imprinted on the front cover.  Yearbooks may be ordered through the MJHS Library or online at www.yearbookordercenter.com using the school code 3254.  To order in the library students must return an order form and check or cash (exact change) to Mrs. Hardy before (7:40-8:00) or after school (until 3:30).  Checks should be made out to Magnolia Jr. High School.  Deadline to order is February 23, 2018.  For questions please contact Tina Hardy at 901-2598.

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